Natural chemical substances produced by living organisms including humans which are being used for nonverbal communication.

Pheromones are the essence of an olfactory communication. Individuals of the same species communicate by pheromones to exchange information.In the world of animals, male is capable to locate a female partner regardless distance.

These chemical substances produced in youth are responsible for making couples in a period of mating season.People also can produce human pheromones suitable for their species.You also can use pheromones and have the power over how you are being perceived. The knowledge about pheromones and their usage gives you wide opportunities in private and business life to boost your confidence, attraction, mood and increase rapport with other people. Pheromones are really powerful and their application on skin makes a massive impact on your mind and anyone who is in your close environment. Pheromones being heated with oils in candles evaporate in the air making people feel more calm, relaxed and excited.