PHEROMIX Women by Madelaine Philips is the highest concentrated product with pheromones for Women specially blended by manufacturing laboratories in Africa.

5ml bottle is like a sensual bomb as it consists very high concentration of Androstadienone and Estratetraenol which are proved by certification.

Beta-Androstenol increases sexual passion, Copulins attracting men during fertile periods while Androstadiennone makes people chat you up and become more friendly.

This very unique explosive mix will make a huge impact on the opposite sex.

Men will feel so comfortable with you, fascinated, open-minded, trusting and excited in your presence.

PHEROMIX for Women will help you gain good rapport with people, their interest and fascination which will be followed by well-being and self-confidence. Feeling so empowered will bring extra kick in social and sexual life by giving double boost.
Respect and authority gained at work with no extra work will boost your leadership skills in a workplace where you will be listened.