Unique Madelaine Philips pheromones oils for Women and Men with a wonderful blend of pheromones and Grapeseed and Tuberose oil have been designed for luxury and sensual experience of pampering body, mind and subconsciousness.

We use the best quality oils of tuberose in our products which has certain benefits.

Tuberose oil Known by its romantic and sensual names “Night Queen” and “Mistress of the Night”.

Tuberose essential oil behaves as an aphrodisiac and its very strong, intense and intoxicating floral fragrance fills the air and creates an atmosphere of love.

It also relaxes the mind and relieves tension and has a warming effect on the organs as it increases circulation of blood which in turn helps cure erectile dysfunctions, impotency etc.

Grapeseed oil pampers your skin leaving you relaxed and moisturised without leaving your skin too greasy. Grapeseed also has natural non-allergenic properties. It is also suitable for patients with nut allergies.

Pheromones blends are designed to make you feel relaxed, sensual, confident, attractive, sexy and powerful.
This product has been patented as very unique on the market. It allows you to feel and experience things you have never felt before.