Pheromones are the attribute of attractiveness. They stimulate sexual sphere both sexes and determine leader’s choices in groups and creating relationships.

It is good to be aware that pheromones do not have any fragrance themselves. When a woman or a man smells pheromones which you used, they unconsciously connote with you, especially when you wear you own perfume.Pheromones carry information about sexual readiness attracting the opposite sex. You become more attractive and highly wanted. It is an immediate effect which is visible among people who you meet for the first time and people you already know.

How do pheromones affect people?

Pheromones are usually used in clubs or bars to fire up interest in the opposite sex. Thank to pheromones people do increase their sexual potential as they are perceived as more attractive, handsome and intriguing. Women unconsciously become more opened to enter into contacts or relations. When a man wears pheromones, women will not get across blankly. Products which we offer on the website are manufactured with the use of the best concentrated blends of pheromones, definitely more concentrated than on other websites. We make sure you are getting the high quality product suitable to your needs.

How to use pheromones at work?

Pheromones are more often used for business and at work.Any contacts or business relationships are getting easier to get while using pheromones which highlight personality of the user. Doctors may use pheromones to calm down their patients or be trusted by them. Sales people buy pheromones to help them to make more relationships, increasing sale, run more lucrative businesses and finalising agreements. Pheromones arouse trust and submission.

Pheromones for daily use

Pheromones are quite often promoted as a substance increasing sexual attractiveness. Our products with pheromones are not only to boost your sexual potential, but in first instance to make your life better, happier, relaxed, energised with a positive energy giving you the boost of personality at work and social life. All blends are designed with care to match minds and sensitivity of women.