Madelaine Philips is pleased to stock glamorous and luxurious hold ups from Europe with absolutely stunning patterns. They are exclusive to Ballerina, and first of its kind to contain pheromones…
Ballerina focuses on elegance and comfort in their designs, and pays attention to details.
Some models contain scientifically formulated pheromone concentrate and are delicately perfumed.

Pheromones are naturally occurring volatile substances emitted by living organisms, including humans. The micro-signals transmitted by the pheromones are read by our subconscious brain. Pheromones trigger a response from people you meet for the first time, as well as from old friends. The effect is immediate: you feel more confident, make better first impression, engender greater trust.

Thanks to the latest patent technology – Hush Hush -hold ups with pheromones help you feel special, subtly highlighting your sex appeal. With Hush Hush you can emanate an attractive and readable aura of self-confidence.

Sheer hold ups infused with pheromones, helping a woman to feel more confident thanks to the latest patent technology. Delicately perfumed and containing scientifically formulated pheromone concentrate. All items come in branded Ballerina packaging.


  • 82% Poliamid
  • 18% Elastan