Our Madelaine Philips Candles with pheromones for Women are designed specifically for ladies to make them feel special, empowered and luxurious.


Exceptional quality of soy blend, tuberose oil fragrance and blend of pheromones makes the outstanding product which are our candles.  Each candle is hand poured with love and passion. You will notice personal touch of sprinkled wonderful glitter and hand packed candles in a luxurious tissue paper to keep your fragrance and stunning box which does a Wow effect.
If you fancy having both candles lit for Women and Men at the same time, do not worry you will mix fragrances, as we made sure you both want to be empowered together and added the same fragrance to both candles to create harmony of fragrances while enjoying the power of pheromones evaporating from either candle.
Candles are hand made with love and passion, so any cracks of wax might be visible due to natural congealing.
Get your matches ready, light your Candle up with pheromones and Glow.